Subject Re: [firebird-support] Digest Number 9396
1. I create those temporary tables for one user only, for one transaction only, not visible for other users. I keep a track (log) of those tables and delete when I exit the program (drop table). The temporray table name is generated randomly 

'TEMP_TABLE_' + <random number> . 

2. the use of index is deliberately blocked, I want to do it this way, my query is faster. 

3. maybe I was not clear in stating my problem. 

I do not declare domains. Firebird declares those domains automatically when I create new tables (with usual types: Integer, char, etc). My problem is that when I create those tables, this automatic domain declaration declares (creates automatically) "huge" domain names (saw these with IBExpert, setting system domains visible). I can backup the database containing these domain names but I cannot restore normally. One screen capture here : 

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