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Author Dalton Calford

Interesting, only one record.

The RDB$ domains are auto generated by the system - RDB$1297080260861 says that it is the 1,297,080,260,861 domain created by the system. 

If this is not the only auto-generating domain you have been using, it is possible that you have hit the maximum auto-increment.

I personally never use auto-generated domains, always used named/created domains.

What version of firebird are you using?   Using earlier versions, you can perform clean up on the system tables, while newer versions limit or prevent modification of the system tables entirely.

How big is the database in size - can it be zipped up into a smaller, more reasonable size for a third party to repair in case you are not comfortable with smaking system tables?

Another method, may be, using a tool like flamerobin to extract all the metadata, then create a new clean database with pristine structures, then, pump the data across.

I would personally, re-evaluate the process that is creating and dropping meta data and perhaps use the power of firebird to it's full.   

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Subject: Re: [firebird-support] Digest Number 9396

Thank you for your answer, 

"You have data in your column in that table that no longer fits in the new definition"

The data in a table that uses one of those domains has only one record, I do not alter that record at all (some document type name default defined). 

I create many temporary tables in runtime (with random names) and drop those when I leave / close the database. Can this be the problem ? 
but I use this structure / program at many other customers ... No problem there.

Anyway, if GBAK could backup those domains (with huge names), why , the same GBAK, could not restore those with the same name ?