Subject Re: FB3 Memory usage
Author Dmitry Yemanov
04.11.2016 13:30, Si Carter wrote:

> The memory usage crept up to just under 3gb again

Once again, where do you get that number from? Task manager? Perfmon?
top? Screenshot proof would be appreciated.

> The memory usage crept up to just under 3gb again, and I took a snapshot
> of the data using the previous sql, from all 4 databases. Between the 4
> databases there are over 1500 orphaned records, and between the 4
> databases there are 30 identifiable connections.

There are no "orphaned" records, it's just a result of your outer join
-- you also get non-identified transaction- and statement-level counters
(mon$stat_group > 1).

And because of that, you shouldn't sum all the values in the column -
the counters are already aggregated
statement->transaction->attachment->database, so you just get wrongly
multiplied results.

> I have placed the raw data in a csv file (

The current memory usage is just 350MB but there was a peak of 3.4GB
(3GB of them were used for db1.fdb).

What is your TempCacheLimit setting in firebird.conf? If it's set too
high, the peaks could be explained by heavy sorts.