Subject [FB3.0/Win10] how to 'redirect' GPRE.EXE to run against 2.5 databases?
Author Jannick



after upgrading to FB3.0 (installed on a Win10 machine) I would like to still apply gpre.exe (shipped with the FB3.0 package), however applied to FB2.5 db’s. So here my questions which I guess could narrow down that problem:


Q1 – Given some .e file, should there be any difference in the created .c code when gpre(2.5) run against a 2.5 db (named DB) in comparison to run gpre(3.0) against the 3.0 db DB’ (an upgraded version of DB)?  


Q2 – Is there any way to redirect gpre.exe to open a FB2.5 db – other than (1) replacing the installed FB3.0 by FB2.5 (downgrading by re-installation) or (2) using another notebook with FB2.5 installed?  


Q3 – Which FB server does gpre.exe use (where exactly can this be looked up in the code)? Would it be possible to make gpre believe using FB2.5 by applying embed FB2.5 somehow? How would that work then?


Any advice would be highly appreciated!