Subject curious problem after migration fb 2.1 to fb 2.5 cs
Author checkmail

Hello @all,


the database server, fb 2.5.5 cs on Win 2008 Server 32 Bit, The Frontend MS Access linked tables. Before the migration, it works all very well. With the newest odbc driver I get performance Problems, therefore I have installed the old driver again.


But also with this, there is a little problem.. Some Tables were linked in a Access Query, one Field from a table is related (left joined) to the other table. In this case, access does not found the reference in any time. Some “teilenr” (example: ‘F512’ (this works), F512/1” works not, but ‘F5122/1’ works again). If I set the relation to inner join, it works. But I don’t know why, an other Formular takes while open now some more time. I have taken the old version and write the changes again, now it works the other formular fine, like before. There are some changes in firebird who can explain this behavior?


Thank you.


Best regards.