Subject Execution speed with update query
Author Sonya Blade
Dear all,

I experience slowdown in execution of following statement. It almost takes 11.5 sec to complete,
total rows in table is 6677 is it expected execution speed or is there any workaround that I can increase the
execution of speed?

Exeucuted Query:
update elements E set E.END_I = (select n.node_num from nodes N '+
'where abs(E.X_I -N.XI)<0.001 and abs(E.Y_I - N.YI)<0.001 and abs(E.Z_I-N.ZI)<0.001 )

The result of Flamerobin is as follow:
78935476 fetches, 15862 marks, 411 reads, 1 writes.
0 inserts, 6677 updates, 0 deletes, 0 index, 14549183 seq.
Delta memory: 19956 bytes.
ELEMENTS: 6677 updates.
6677 rows affected directly.
Total execution time: 11.848s
Script execution finished.