Subject Event name size?
Author Geoff Worboys

I've been trying to track down exactly what the maximum size of
a Firebird EVENT name is.

Experiment shows that POST_EVENT '....'
allows 262 (ASCII) characters, 263 gives a truncation error.

But the documentation I've managed to track down gives variously
15 (IB6, gpre.h, FB Book), 31 (utl.cpp), 78 (FB v2.0 online manual).

I can't find anywhere in the FB release notes or changelog where
the limit was ever changed from the official/original 15 characters,
and I can't see a specific limit defined in the source.

Can anyone tell me what limit I should rely on? (I imagine 15
would be pretty safe, but a little more would be nice ;-)

On a similar note, the isc_event_block was documented as limited
to 15 events, but I can't see that actually implemented in the code
as a defined limit (or not any more). Maybe I should direct this
part of the question to firebird-devel?

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing Pty Ltd