Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird Embedded on web hosting
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The only protection that I found until now is to use forced writes on
the database.

this can save you from real troubles.

Without this option turned off you might lose some data even when your
database is in perfect shape.

With forced writes you have the guarantee that at least until the last
transaction everything is stored on the disk and only data you might
loose is the last transaction that was unable to store it's changes to
the disk.

If corruption is in the area where index data is stored this is not a
problem. You can always backup/restore your database and rebuild the
broken indexes.

Also another way of protecting your data is to make regular backups. But
I'm not sure how you will accomplish this in embedded mode. I always use
classic server.

Hope this helps.

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> If the computer loses power (and is turned off) when Firebird is writing
> to the database, the database may become corrupt.
> Are there any firebird settings that can make it so that there is a
> smaller chance of database corruption?
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> sorry but i didn't understand your point ... can you explain more please ?
> anyway, since i cannot control where fbembedded put it's lock and trace
> files, my only option now is to build firebird from source and change
> the directory by hand .
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