Subject Setting up FreeAdhocUDF on an Ubuntu Server
Author Dalton Calford

I am attempting to setup FreeAdhocUDF on a standard (apt-get) install of firebird 2.5

The server is a 64 bit machine/OS/firebird install.


I am having problems understanding some of the FreeAdhocUDF documentation


For example,  the documentation assumes that firebird is installed under /opt/ and that there is a /lib/ directory under firebird.


But, with a standard install of firebird, the firebird directory is spread out into various places  see ( but, it no longer uses a private lib directory.


Doing a LDD on the files as suggested, I find that /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu is where the program is expecting the libraries to be, but, at that point, the instructions get pretty murky.


Has anyone gotten FreeAdhocUDF up and running with the FAU files linked properly?


Thanks guys, it’s getting late where I am and I am in need of some help.


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