Subject Multiple instances of firebird not working

I have an 3rd party application running firebird 1.5. 

I want to install firebird 2.5 instance, with my application, without affecting the other app. 

I was able to do this by downloading the install kit from

and running 

instsvc install -auto -superserver -guardian -name secondservice
instsvc start -name secondservice

I also edited the firebird.conf RemoteServicePort parameter to be 3060 before starting the service

Service is up and running. Running netstat on command line did not show any services listening on port 3060 though. 

I was unable to connect to the second instance using 

isql localhost\secondservice:employee 

Docs I followed are

My questions are 

1. Why does not netstat show firebird listening on 3060 which was edited on the conf?

2. How do I connect to the second instance(second service)