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My email client blew up and I lost all of my inbox (outlook express) on windows XP back on Jun 30th.  I just got my new computer (Windows 7) setup using MS Outlook for my email client.  I had this email up ready to reply (on the old computer) when this happened, so I copied this off my old computer to send the reply now.  So I ask for patience on this…




So are you saying it will work but run the windows server out of memory, in other words  v1.5 works fine on Windows 2003 Server but will eat memory on Windows 2012 R2 Server?  Or did v1.5 also eat memory on Windows 2003 Server?


Anyway, I need to give our office an answer if it is OK to go ahead and setup a new Windows 2012 R2 server, so any others that can chime in would be appreciated.


Thanks again,




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I know only one - cache problem
Windows can eat too many RAM.
Fixed in FB2.5 serie.

Migration to 2.5 does not require 2.1 between. Buf you can get migration errors like ambigous field names and other

Karol Bieniaszewski

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Greetings All,


Can anyone tell me if Firebird 1.5.3 will run on Windows 2012 R2 Server?


Our Delphi application has run since 1997 on one version or another of windows server.  It is currently on Windows 2003 Server and we have had no issues at all.  Our office is wanting to install a new server with Windows 2012 R2 and I need to know if there are any issues I should be aware of or if Firebird will install and run without any issues. 


Is there a place to go on the web that discusses this in depth (If necessary)?


Thanks for anyone that takes there time to answer.


If I'm ever given any breathing room, I would eventually like to move to Firebird 2.5.4 and would also like to know if I should move in stages like to 2.1 then to 2.5, etc.  Any documentaion on that would be helpful as well.


Thanks all,