Subject Metadata Information for queries in past time

Hi experts,

I would like to extract Metadata information about queries, which are run in the past time. Information like:creation time, total elapsed time, total read, last read,...Something like this for SQL Server.

My Idea:

I have used Monitoring Tables to extract such infos. MON$STATEMENTS consist of very intersting information for me, which could be joined with MON$TRANSACTIONS and MON$IO_STATS.

If I run a query like:

SELECT * FROM Customer 

and then:


in the result, I can't see meta data about this query: SELECT * FROM Customer 

By the way, I have commit my queries after running them, and I have the role of RDB$ADMIN

How can I solve this problem? Would you have a better Idea to extract historic Information about queries in a Firebird database?

Thank you so much for your time and help :)