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This is simple,
Change your web app to check some config. I do not know what technology you use. But in e.g..Net is file web.config. store there value like disableonnections=true and check this config value in your web app. If value is true report back to the user that some administrative work is in progress

This is prefered design

Karol Bieniaszewski

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Temat: [firebird-support] replace a database in production
Data: czw., lip 2, 2015 23:38



i have a web app that use firebird embedded database hosted in the internet.

and the same database in local used by a regular database 2.5 server

I have to replace the web database with the local one (a kind of replication)

the problem is that the database could be used at that moment so locked at that time,therefore impossible to replace the fdb file.

so any idea and suggestions on how this could be done is welcome