Subject Re: [firebird-support] Correct way to stop/restart FB 2.5 CS on Ubuntu 12 LTS 64bit Server
Author Helen Borrie
At 08:44 a.m. 14/06/2015, 'Neil Pickles' neil.pickles@... [firebird-support] wrote:

>Hi All,
>We use Ubuntu 12 LTS 64 bit Server for some of our server installations.
>For the installation of Firebird v2.5.4 CS 64 bit we are using the zipped tarball package from for the installation and it installs and works absolutely fine.
>However what I can�t find is the correct way to stop or restart the Firebird Classic Server without rebooting the server, such as when changing firebird.conf or needing to do some manual work with the fdb database files.
>What is the correct way of doing this?

Classic creates one server process for each attachment, so logging out of each one ends that particular process. If you change firebird.conf, the next new attachment will respond to the changes. If you want to "perform some manual work with the fdb database files", well, it depends what this "manual work" is.

If it's something that requires a privileged login and you want to exclude other users while doing it, then use gfix to perform a *database* shutdown into single-user mode and then do your admin login. Afterwards, use gfix again to put the database back on-line.

If it's something like running a file-copy or moving the db files around, then do a Full shutdown with gfix. Alternatively, if you want users to keep working, use the nbackup -L[ock] utility to freeze the database and, afterwards, nbackup -[u]N[lock] to put it back to Normal state. The engine will create a delta file to store changes and the unlocking will write the changed pages back to the unfrozen db.

Note that database shutdowns and the nBackup tools operate on individual databases, not at server level. And, since you said "database files" (not "file"), be aware that nBackup does NOT work with multi-file databases.

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