Subject Re: [firebird-support] Connection issues
Author Helen Borrie
At 01:25 p.m. 28/05/2015, 'seanspcpower IT Services' tech@... [firebird-supp wrote:

>The issue is lately the 1 client can no longer connect to the database using
>the client application.
>The application Ostendo and we have the Firebird database runs on an sbs2008
>It is a domain controller.
>Exchange server.
>File and printer sharing.
>Vipre Business Premium console dashboard
>Vipre client runs on the server and the firewall policy is disabled.
>Windows firewall is running but I have ports 3050 and 9050 open.
>It was working fine until a few days ago.
>The user says he was using Friday ok and came in Monday morning and when he
>launches the ostendo client gets the following error (see attached).

You can't post attachments in this list. Report the error message and also check the latest entries in firebird.log.

>We spoke to Ostendo support and they said to just reinstall the client but
>that made no difference.

What "client" did you try to reinstall? My suspicion (and possibly theirs) is that someone installed something that overwrote the Firebird 1.5 client. Check again with Ostendo support. Ask them (1) where the application expects to find the Firebird client when running with a local user and (2) whether it expects to load fbclient.dll or gds32.dll.

>I am just understanding the error message not sure how to troubleshoot as I
>know nothing about Ostendo and Firebird databases.

Post the text of the error message and also paste the entries from firebird.log that correspond to the times of the failed connection attempts.

And please remove all that signature guff from your future postings to these lists.

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