Subject Query to update multiple records in same Table



Using Firebird 2.5


Is there a single query that allows multiple row updates from multiple row selects (e.g. like Copy & paste)

i.e. Select row 1 column 7 &  update row 101 column 7

     Select row 2 column 7 & update row 102 column 7

Etc for say 20 rows


Column 1 (row) is ‘TAG_NO’ pk ascending,          Column 7 Is’ NAME’


At the moment I have used Execute block that works ok but wonder if possible using a query


execute block                          -- Copy 19 words from MMH UOP to another UOP section


declare variable i integer;


    i = 2433;                                 -- start Tag No of MMH UOP

    while (i < 2452)                   -- 19 words to be copied that all UOP's have. Phase No, Brand etc.



        update analog a1 set = (select from analog a2 where a2.tag_no = :i)

            where a1.tag_no = :i + 1238;     -- 1238 is Offset from 2433 to start address of CIP UOP = 2433 +1238

        i = i+1;                                                                             





By accident I came up with a query that appears to work but have not finished fully testing & understanding,  so would like the help of this skilled group for a known solution.


Thanks for any help