Subject Re: Connecting to Superserver on CentOS 6
Author Philippe Makowski
Le 12/05/15 00:45, 'David E. Wheeler' david@...
[firebird-support] a écrit :
> What do I need to tweak to get it so that I can connect and create a database? The hosts file includes “localhost” as a name for, for what that’s worth, so I doubt it’s a host name issue.

fresh install in Centos6 from epel :

# yum install firebird-superserver
# service firebird-superserver start

$ isql-fb -user SYSDBA -password masterkey
Use CONNECT or CREATE DATABASE to specify a database
SQL> create database 'localhost:/var/lib/firebird/data/foo.fdb';
SQL> show database;
Database: localhost:/var/lib/firebird/data/foo.fdb
Number of DB pages allocated = 196
Sweep interval = 20000
Forced Writes are ON
Transaction - oldest = 1
Transaction - oldest active = 2
Transaction - oldest snapshot = 2
Transaction - Next = 5
ODS = 11.2
Default Character set: NONE
SQL> exit;