Subject Connecting to Superserver on CentOS 6
Author David E. Wheeler

I have been using the firebird-classic RPM for testing Sqitch, connecting like so:

isql-fb -u sysdba -p masterkey

This worked well, but now I’d like to use superserver, instead. So I removed that RPM and installed from EPEL and fired up the server with `sudo service firebird-superserver start`. But now the above command is unable to connect me:

$ isql-fb -u sysdba -p masterkey
Use CONNECT or CREATE DATABASE to specify a database
SQL> create database 'foo';
Statement failed, SQLSTATE = 08004
connection rejected by remote interface

What do I need to tweak to get it so that I can connect and create a database? The hosts file includes “localhost” as a name for, for what that’s worth, so I doubt it’s a host name issue.



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