Subject large system slows over time
Author Nick Upson

I have a system that is slowing down the longer it stays running and I'd like to know why.

The system is running firebird 2.1.5 on centos 5 with an average of 27 transactions per second and has now been running for 112 days. The data throughput is unchanged, data is removed from the db as fast as its added so the database remains roughly the same size at 130Gb.

for example: on 1st Feb the backup took 4hr 35 min, last night took 9hrs 30 min

Is this a known 2.1 issue (move to 2.5 is in the planning stages)?

Is there anything I can do to prevent or improve this situation?

Is there any evidence I can gather before I reboot the system which I expect (from past experience) will return the system to the better performance

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