Subject I need a Firebird DB "Documenter" Utility
I've been designing FB DBs for years just using FlameRobin.  It works great for what I need to do, and I can use Delphi's modeler to show an ERD to fellow developers when necessary. However, to explain how the DB relationships work to a customer is still a challenge.  Customers need a more aesthetically pleasing output.  The output has to fit nicely on a paper analog display (.pdf, 8.5 x 11 pages)

I need a utility that will do the following:

- Automatically read my existing Firebird 2.5x DB and create an ERD
- ERD must include Table and Field descriptions that I entered into Firebird
- Must be able to output a report suitable for presentation to a customer who only understands paper analog reports.  (Example, each page is for one table, interconnecting lines are abbreviated to arrows, nice fonts and colors)
- ERDs are a bit overwhelming for people not used to reading them.  Remember that there is no "scroll" capability on a piece of paper, so it's not good to have an ERD that is the equivalent of 50" x 100" in size, for the target audience.

Does anyone have any suggestions?  Commercial license or free is ok.  Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.