Subject Moving from FB 1.5x to 2.5x
We are considering moving from 1.5x to 2.5x. 95% of our user base is using FB embedded (using Delphi and IBO) . We have a few thousand installs on Windows and it could be quite painful if this doesn't go smoothly--like sinking a boat in a storm.

We have a few questions:

1) It testing, it looks like we need to backup the FB 1.5 database and restore it with the new data structure. Correct? Otherwise I get "[DB] is not a valid database

2) If we are using FB embedded, do we have to backup with the 1.5 and then restore with 2.5, or can we backup and restore with 2.5? I tried with 2.5 to backup but get an exception saying it is not a valid DB structure. This would be an application has to be installed that will backup the 1.5 and then the new application could restore to 2.5.

3) Is there anything we should be aware of?


Ed Dressel