Subject Firebird, ODBC, MSACCESS
Author checkmail

Hello @ll,


I have already a big Problem with this combination, msaccess (all versions) and firebird 2 (testet with 2, 2.1, 2.5) and the actually odbc driver.


First the constellation:


Table a

Primary Key year and number, so 2015 1, 2015 2, unique with main data for orders, one field is the number of the supplier, so 1 = supplier a from Germany, 2 is supplier b…


And there is a table 2


Foreign key Year and Number to Table 1, ID primary key and unique. There can be some more than 1 positions for every order, 1 to n relation.


I have already tried some things, so I have create the number not with (select max(nr)+1) but now with a generator.


The Problem: If the last order has the same supplier-id like the new created, MS Access shows me in some cases the Orderpositions in the subform (table 2) from the order before (with the same supplier-id).. And this at the point of refresh. So there is a new position createt, I have now three (if the order before have had 2), If I delete the order positions, I delete all positions, already the 2 from the order before.


Is there a workaround to solve this issue? In Access there is a main form with a subform, connectet from year and number to year and number.


Thanks a lot


Best regards.