Subject Re: [firebird-support] Character sets. (Again.)
Author Tim Ward
On 31/03/2015 20:24, Mark Rotteveel mark@...
[firebird-support] wrote:
> The problem is mainly that when the connection character set is UTF8,
> and the field character set is anything other than NONE or OCTETS, the
> server will return the field as UTF8. The length of a field in UTF8 is
> 4 * the declared length (which is the maximum number of bytes
> required). It is up to the client (isql, or a driver like the ibase
> PHP driver, Jaybird, etc), to correctly interpret a field of length 32
> bytes in utf8 to a string of 8 characters; unfortunately not all
> clients/drivers do this, so they will act as if it is string of 32
> characters. Mark

So my temporary fudge to trim() the result is actually the best that can
be done, and it's a good thing I'm not expecting the presence or absence
of trailing spaces in VARCHAR fields to be significant, it looks like.

Tim Ward