Subject Read errror 10054

Hi, all!

I believe I am not the first with this question, but it kind of bothers me a lot. We have:

Firebird on
Windows 2008R2 on
VMware ESX 5.5, Virtual HW version 10 on
HP BL465 Gen8 (AMD Opteron 6376) .

Client is a Win32 Delphi written application, using Devart's IBDAC library to connect to the database. All instances of the application run in sessions on this server, so there should be no physical influence on the TCP protocol.

No matter what, the Firebird.log file keeps piling up the Read error 10054 records, sometimes none in a week, sometimes six or seven occurences a day.

I would greatly appreciate some sound advice on what to check, maybe some configuration settings secrets or so.

Thank You very much on Your time and experience!

Davor Tavcar