Subject Réf.: FW: 126374Re: [firebird-support] Diagn ose SQL error code -303
Author Michel LE CLEZIO
try to place chars et to NONE... You must have a letter That is not supported by your charset in one records...

Le lun. 16 mars 2015 22:08 HNEC, 'Chris LeFebvre' lefebvrec@... [firebird-support] a écrit :

>Thanks for the reply, I used a trial of Database Workbench 5 to create the
>new database rather than the paid for version 3.4.4 I usually use (just
>testing to see if I want to upgrade) and I checked all my existing databases
>and this new database was created to use UTF8 (by default I guess and I
>didn't change it) while all my other databases seem to use a characterset of
>NONE. I'm still not entirely sure what exactly the problem was because I
>tried deleting a few records and I still couldn't add a record or edit the
>artist and title fields of any existing records. So I created a new database
>with Database Workbench 3.4.4 and created the tables, generators and
>procedures using the DDL statements from the old database (editing out
>references to UTF8) and then used the datapump to copy data from the
>existing database to the new one. After renaming both databases everything
>appears to be working properly again.
>I looked up UTF8 and the Wikipedia article says "UTF8 is a character
>encoding capable of encoding all possible characters (called code points) in
>Unicode" so if that's the case then I still don't understand exactly what
>the problem was with the old database; why I was able to enter 104 records
>and then suddenly start getting a -303 error when adding a record or editing
>the Artist or Title fields of an existing record? Also what's the real
>difference between having a database with a default character set of UTF8
>and NONE? I'm asking for future reference and because I'm pretty sure that I
>didn't fix the problem but instead just developed a workaround and I'd
>really like to know?
>>Michel Le Clezio
>>Take a look to charset used in text and the Charset of database... May be
>in one record you use is an unsupported char... by the Charset of
>database... this can happen if you paste
>> a value... ( a value not build by your keyboard)
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