Subject How To Display Null Values At the End For More Than One Columns Specified in Order By Clause?
Author Vishal Tiwari
I am using Firebird database with 2.1 version. I have one issue in Order By clause.
I have SQL which gives multile records for multiple employees, i.e. one employee has multiple records as an output in SQL.
I have Four columns in Order By Clause and I want every columns Null value should be displayed after Not Null value in every column.
I googled and found that if I Use
Order By Column1 Asc Nulls Last
It works very well for the first columns but for the remaining two columns it doesn't work i.e. for these two remaining columns the Null value comes in middle i.e. first some values Not Null, then Null Values and then again Not Null Values.
I need to display Null Values at the end of every Not Null value for every Four columns specified in Order By Clause for every employee.
I tried Case When, then Asc for every column in Order By clause, but didn't get the expected result.
Thanks In Advance.
With Best Regards.