Subject Chinese Code page / Unicode conversion
Author Robert martin

Our product used to run on FB 2.0 with the character set configured to
'NONE'. We released a new version using FB 2.5 and character set to
UTF8. One of our sites had been storing Chinese data in their database
using the Chinese langauge pack and Windows XP. After converting the
database to UTF8 our new system is running fine for new data but the old
data has not converted across correctly.

My plan is to either

a) Setup an old copy of data on FB 2.0 and export data to a unicode
format file (update SQLs) and then use that file to update the data in
the 'new' database running on FB 2.5
b) Use a data pump (an IBObjects component) to connect to the old
database running on FB 2.0 and a new database running on FB 2.5

Does that sound like if should work? Should I leave the CharSet set to
'NONE' for the FB 2.0 DB or should I change it? Any other / better
suggestions ?