Subject Re: [firebird-support] Ouch!
Author JuuS
Thank you Markov, Michael and Mark!

The answer was that firebird user did not have permissions for the
folder I had designated for firebird db's (I wanted folder in my backup
paths, super Markov!).

Being a relatively new linux user, and just a single user system, had no
experience with user permissions in this manner...

So...Thank you all for responding, problem is solved.

A couple of notes:

Before changing folder permissions I had added myself to the firebird
group and also added firebird to my group, neither of those had worked.

Michael: gsec is magically working today?!.

Mark, it does seem firebird has a password. I found this out by
following the instructions in the link from Markov and using "su
firebird", no password I had in my possession would authenticate. I was
able to change it with "sudo passwd firebird". This was a desperation
move, su'ing to firebird user "worked" but it didn't actually change my
user credentials, maybe something internal doesn't allow it. Changing
the password does not seem to affect the functioning of firebird at this

Also, it was late, I was tired, the process of trying all suggested
solutions off the web, and re-reading all the instructions 3 or 4 times
had me weary. Ouch seemed appropriate...but you are right, didn't think
about the context of the subject...sorry.

Best regards,


On 02/28/2015 10:46 AM, Markov Dmitri markovdmitri@...
[firebird-support] wrote:
> Hello,
> Did you try to read this manual
> ?
> I'm ubuntu user, too. And Unubtu have strong security for the first time.
> I have two proplems: 1) firebird don't allow connect, it's changed in
> firebird.conf
> 2) user firebird don't have
> permisions for folder where I try to create DB
> 27.02.2015 23:47, JuuS JuuS@... [firebird-support] пишет:
>> Hi,
>> I've spent about 10 hours now trying to get firebird to work < don't
>> hate me!>. I'm kubuntu 14.04 64 bit.
>> I followed directions from two sources, one using the sh script, the
>> other using the ppa.
>> sh method simply didn't work, firebird server wouldn't run.
>> ppa method worked...sort of.
>> following the instrunctions here:
>> I was able to get the firebird server to run (yea!0). I continued to
>> follow the instructions and opened isql-fb.
>> I was able to use the connect command to view the example db.
>> But...when I tried to create a test database it wouldn't work.
>> In fact the ONLY THING I can do is use isql-fb to connect to the example
>> database.
>> NOTHING else works. gsec won't open the db to add new users. flamerobin
>> also won't work (though it did allow me to add a user!).
>> gsec gives this:
>> cannot attach to password database
>> unable to open database
>> I think, "hmm, maybe I need to be the firebird user?" I try to su to
>> firebird, it asks for a password. None of the passwords I've used (yes,
>> I found my password in the etc branch, that's how I was able to at least
>> connect) works.
>> What is the firebird user password? Or is that not even the problem?
>> I'm a lazarus user and in their listserv many people praise firebird for
>> its easy install and use...after 10 hours I'm am perplexed and find the
>> opposite.
>> I'm testing db's and yesterday installed was a breeze.
>> What am I running into here?
>> any help...any...appreciated.
>> Julius
> --
> Regards,
> Markov Dmitri