Subject Ouch!
Author JuuS

I've spent about 10 hours now trying to get firebird to work < don't
hate me!>. I'm kubuntu 14.04 64 bit.

I followed directions from two sources, one using the sh script, the
other using the ppa.

sh method simply didn't work, firebird server wouldn't run.

ppa method worked...sort of.

following the instrunctions here:

I was able to get the firebird server to run (yea!0). I continued to
follow the instructions and opened isql-fb.

I was able to use the connect command to view the example db.

But...when I tried to create a test database it wouldn't work.

In fact the ONLY THING I can do is use isql-fb to connect to the example

NOTHING else works. gsec won't open the db to add new users. flamerobin
also won't work (though it did allow me to add a user!).

gsec gives this:
cannot attach to password database
unable to open database

I think, "hmm, maybe I need to be the firebird user?" I try to su to
firebird, it asks for a password. None of the passwords I've used (yes,
I found my password in the etc branch, that's how I was able to at least
connect) works.

What is the firebird user password? Or is that not even the problem?

I'm a lazarus user and in their listserv many people praise firebird for
its easy install and use...after 10 hours I'm am perplexed and find the

I'm testing db's and yesterday installed was a breeze.
What am I running into here?

any help...any...appreciated.