Subject RE: [firebird-support] unsupported on-disk structure
Author Marius Labuschagne

Hello Helen,


Using isql command line I can connect without a problem.


Thank you very much Helen, you have saved my day.  I did a search and found the culprit.


I installed iVMS-4200 Stream Media Server (for CCTV) last night just before I went to bed, and I see that they are making use of most probably Interbase.  I will uninstall the software, and see if it resolves my problem.


Thank you again for pointing me in the right direction.





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At 06:25 p.m. 27/02/2015, 'Marius Labuschagne' mjlabuschagne@... [firebird-s wrote:

>Can someone please comment on this scenario.
>I have been working on my machine for months, and suddenly this morning whenever I try to connect to any of my database stored on this machine I get the following error:
>unsupported on-disk structure for file C:\......\TD3.FDB; found 32779.15
>My machine is an generation 4 I5 with 16GB of RAM, and running Windows 7 Professional.
>Firebird Server that is installed is Firebird-
>Nothing has changed on the machine, that I know of, and suddenly this morning when I wanted to start working all of the databases I try to connect to gives me that error.

What happens when you try to connect using isql from the \bin directory of your Firebird 2.5.3 root?

>I use Database Workbench to connect to the databases.

My guess is that either you have a rogue copy of either an old Firebird client or an InterBase client in the service path.

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