Subject unsupported on-disk structure
Author Cornel Rebegea
Hi. I am having a big problem. I just handed to the customer a database
file that does not work remote.
It allright with the db file local , but if I put the data file on the
server and try to connect to it it gives the message 'firebird
unsupported on-disk structure for file .... support'.
What I have discovered is that with earlier versions of the file it's
all ok. But after I have done a beck-up/restore (I think, because the
size of the file it's half at used to be) it`s not working.
Can you please help me with this? What can I do to it to work properly?

After two minutes: It appears it took off in the end but I have no
explanation for this. On my machine/network I couldn`t get it to work!

Cornel Rebegea