Subject Grouping without sorting alphabetically
Dear all

Please see the attached screen shot of the query and the output.  I am almost there but I have run out of ideas on what I can do to post process further.

My final output I want something like this:
1    Haemogram Report                                      1    Routine Haemogram                                
1    Haemogram Report                                      5    Diff. Count (Mature Cells)                       
1    Haemogram Report                                      10    Special Investigations                           
5    Haemogram Report                                      1    E.S.R.                                           
3    C-Reactive Protine                                    1                                                     
4    Urine Analysis                                        1    Physical Examination                             
4    Urine Analysis                                        8    Chemical Examination                             
4    Urine Analysis                                        10    Microscopic Examination of Centrifugalised Deposit

ie.  The Row 4 is clubbed with row 2 and row 9 becomes row 4

The idea is that all the cTitle are clubbed together but in the order they were originally selected, thus MIN(A.iSrNo).

The second grouping is cSubGroup, together but in the order they were defined, thus MIN(C.iSrNo)

Please advise

Kind regards