Subject SV: [firebird-support] Re: Database shutdown leaves connections
Author Glenn Thomas Hvidsten
> > And by using the following command the database seems to be shut down:
> >
> > gfix -user SYSDBA -pas masterkey -shut full -force 0 C:\Database\MyDB.fdb
> >
> >
> > Why isn’t this command working properly and what can I do to shut down
> > the database so that I can rename it (in order to restore a backup).
> >
> Prior ro v2.5, database shutdown is not expected to "unlock" the
> database at the filesystem level. It just interrupts any activity but
> user sessions may remain connected.

Any tips on what I can do instead of this command, like SQL or other commands, to ensure the database is shut down so that I can move/rename the database file?

I know I can shut everything down by stopping the Windows service, but I'd rather not do that to the other databases running.

Glenn Thomas Hvidsten
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