Subject Re: Database shutdown leaves connections
Author Dmitry Yemanov
10.02.2015 15:00, Glenn Thomas Hvidsten wrote:

> And by using the following command the database seems to be shut down:
> gfix -user SYSDBA -pas masterkey -shut full -force 0 C:\Database\MyDB.fdb
> This works to some degree as I can’t connect to the database (using DB
> Workbench), but the shutdown still leaves “something” hanging as the
> file is still in use and I can neither move nor rename it.
> Why isn’t this command working properly and what can I do to shut down
> the database so that I can rename it (in order to restore a backup).
> This is Firebird 2.1 on a Windows server with the default installation
> parameters.

Prior ro v2.5, database shutdown is not expected to "unlock" the
database at the filesystem level. It just interrupts any activity but
user sessions may remain connected.