Subject Problem with restore when there is a blr error in a stored procedure

When I make a change in the paramaters of a stored procedure and this procedure is used by another one, it lets me compile the changed procedure without telling my, another one ueses this with different paramters (wrong name, or type or just different number). The same is, when selecting several columns from a SP in another SP and removing some of the columns from the called SP. No warning.

The problem starts, when you try to make a restore with gbak. The backup works without problems, but the restore stops with a blr error.

I hope anyone can understand what I wrote ;-)

Otherweise I could come up with an example.

So my first question is: Why doesn't the firebird server warn, if you change a SP that is used by an other one, when something will not work with the ne version of the SP?

My second is: Is there any way to get the restore working and solve the problem after the restore?

In the worst case, the error does not show up for a long time and then a crash forces you to restore from a backup. Then you need to have a way to get that job done.

Any ideas?