Subject Re: [firebird-support] Bad performance of Firebird in Windows Server 2012
Author Eduardo
It seems a good idea but I am not the one who configure the server in this case and I am not sure if they would like to do that. But, if they do that, can I enable disk cache in a VM that is phisically in the same disk as another VM which is PDC? The disk cache belongs to the VM or the physical disk?



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What about virtual environments? If one vm on host is pdc and other vm is db server?

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I know, but that's impossible to do on that server. So the only solution I found so far is to install the application in another computer.

But anyway I would like to understand why this is necessary in Firebird. It would be great if anybody knows the answers to my questions of my previous message.

Why do you think the problem only happens with Firebird? Use Google and you will find documents from Microsoft telling to not install MSSQL Server in PDC machines. As I said before, any write intensive application (like RDBMS) will suffer with no cache.

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