Subject Bad performance of Firebird in Windows Server 2012
Author Eduardo
Hi guys:

I have an application developped in Delphi that uses Firebird Superserver

It is installed in a Windows network. During many years, the server had Windows Server 2003 and everything worked fine. Some time ago they changed it temporarily to another PC with Windows 8.1. Everything worked fine.

A few days ago they installed a new server with Windows Server 2012. My application is working, but it works very slow. It has a log file and I verified that the bad performance occurs in every data base access, when it opens a database, when it executes any SQL, etc.

I did a little research and found that, apparently, the problem is related with the disk cache. In the old servers, disk cache was enabled but in the new one with Windows Server 2012 it is disabled and, as the server is configured as a domain controller, as far as I know, it can´t be enabled.

I read some articles about problems similar to this one and apparently this is a problem related with Firebird. In some articles they said that since version 2.1.5 this is solved. ¿Is this true?

¿Updating to 2.1.5 will solve the problem?

¿Is there something I can do to solve this without updating?

Any suggestions will be welcome!


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