Subject Re: [firebird-support] Bad performance of Firebird in Windows Server 2012
Author Eduardo
I read that disabling forced writes is not safe.

But there is something that I really don´t understand.

If I disable forced writes, then when I make commits, data goes to the RAM of the server and afterwards, in some moment, the data will be physically written to the database.

If I enable disk write cache, then things happen the same way. So, what is the difference?

From what I read, I think the difference is that with disk write cache, Windows manages when to physically write the data but, when disabling forced writes it is not guaranteed that Windows will physically write the data. Is this true?

Another question. Why is so different the performance with disk write cache enabled or disabled? Is this something that happens in every RDBMS or is just a Firebird problem?



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Do I have to change any configuration or the matter is that if I can´t enable disk cache, there is nothing I can do to improve the performance?

Try to disable force write on that database.

After you have a UPS installed and an aggressive backup schedule.

Good luck,


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