Subject Running gfix and gbak from windows service hangs on 2.5.5 too
Author Roey` Almog
Several weeks ago I have report my problem with FB 2.5.3 & 2.5.4 with performing gfix and gbak from a service

I was told to try 2.5.5 as the problem was corrected, 

our initial test showed it worked. However when we let the system run unattended it hangs
as before, it seems like it only works when a user is logged. 
When I just let the program run even without logging out on Win8.1 the gfix hangs

Is there a work around ?



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Date: Mon, Nov 9, 2015 at 9:34 AM
Subject: [firebird-support] Running gfix and gbak from windows service


We using both gfix and gbak from windows service to perform routine maintenance operations

such as moving db to shutdown mode performing check and then backup then online mode

This works fine on Firebird 2.5.2 however it does not work on 2.5.3 & 2.5.4

The gfix or gbak just start running then hangs for hours doing nothing till I terminate the process  

The problem seems to exists on windows 7 & 8.1 don't know about other OS's 

I tried running the service using user account instead of the system account but it did not help

Does anyone has a suggestion or work around ?

Roey Almog
Infoneto Ltd.