Subject Firebird on Raspberry Pi 2 : Problem to connect remotely
Hi guys,

Have any of you success to install Firebird on Raspberry and able to connect to its database remotely via Windows machine?

I have these settings on Raspberry Pi:
- OS : Raspbian Jessie
- Firebird 2.5 SuperServer
- static ip address on Pi :

With Isql on the raspbian's terminal, I can connect to database and operate select,insert,execute, etc.

But when trying to connect remotely via flamerobin on Window OS, got an error "Unable to complete network request to host"

Sometimes this error cause by firewall, but as I know, there is no firewall at all on Rapsbian.

Ping Rapsbian hostname via Window failed, but ping with its ip address OK.
Connect remotely by VNC viewer from windows is also OK.

Any advices/hints how to solve this problem?

Thanks in advance.