Subject Cannot Connect to FireBird Database from network workstation
Author Jesse McCarty

Back story: We had a custom designed program created in Delphi (I believe) that runs off of a Firebird database backend. This is the backbone of our business that tracks all work/inventory etc… for the company. Currently it is running on old hardware with FirebirdCS 2.1 on an older release of Fedora. Three Windows 7 machines connect to the database through the custom program. I have built a new Ubuntu server running Firebird Classic 2.5 to be the new server and have copied over the database and am hitting a wall on getting the program to connect over the network.

Production system running Ubuntu 14.04 (64Bit) and Firebird Classic 2.5 has the database setup and also has two samba file shares setup. The Windows 7 machine can see the shares (including the location of the database) but the program test connection is always unable to connect to the database. I also cannot connect to the Database from a remote machine using FlameRobin.

Test system: Xubuntu (32Bit) VM running Firebird Classic 2.5 with the same copy of the database setup as well as our custom program installed. With this setup, I have configured the program to look to the localhost for the database connection and it connects to the database and loads up properly. I can also connect to the DB this way with FlameRobin. If I try to connect to this database remotely through FlameRobin on another system, it won't connect and gives the following error:

I am at a loss as to what to look for now and need to figure this out. Any ideas or assistance is greatly appreciated.