Subject How to make Sphinx work with Firebird on Linux?
Author Nagy Szilveszter

i need FTs (Full Text Search) function to my application. After reading and comparing different open-source solutions i found Sphinx is my way to go.

I run 64bit Firebird on a CentOS 6.x o.s.

I also managed to install Sphinx with yum (although it is a pretty old version....the current verion on Sphinx website is 2.2)

I tried Sphinx on mysql and it works fine out-of-box.

However to make it work with Firebird there is a patch made by Vlad Khorsun and Pierre's downloadable on Firebird website (

The patch is a diff file.

There is also a readme.txt, but that only tells what each file is.

I have no information how to apply that patch. Also on forums i did not find any usable information.

Can anyone please help me make Sphinx work with Firebird on Linux?

Thank you,