Subject Restoring from Firebird- to Firebird-
Author LtColRDSChauhan

1.  I installed Firebird- on Windows 10 with the Security DB initialized for Legacy Authentication.  Using Flamerobin, I registered Server and then registered the EMPLOYEE.FDB.

2.  When I tried to restore Firebird- backed up DB i'm getting the error listed below.  I used Flamerobin for backup and restore.

Connecting to server RajivPC/3050...
Database restore started 15:46:31
gbak:opened file D:\HMS\AppHMS\HMSFireBird\HMS_15_Nov_12_FB2_5.GBK
gbak:transportable backup -- data in XDR format
gbak:  backup file is compressed
gbak:backup version is 9
gbak:created database D:\HMS\AppHMS\HMSFireBird\HMS.FBD, page_size 16384 bytes
gbak:started transaction
gbak:restoring domain SEC$GID
gbak:restoring domain SEC$NAME_PART
Database restore canceled 15:46:32 due to IBPP exception:
*** IBPP::SQLException ***
Context: ServiceImpl::Wait
Message: isc_service_query failed
SQL Message : -803
Invalid insert or update value(s): object columns are constrained - no 2 table rows can have duplicate column values
Engine Code    : 335544665
Engine Message :
violation of PRIMARY or UNIQUE KEY constraint "RDB$INDEX_2" on table "RDB$FIELDS"
Problematic key value is ("RDB$FIELD_NAME" = 'SEC$NAME_PART')
Exiting before completion due to errors

3.  Please help.

Thanks and regards,