Subject Dynamic Memory Allocation
I have a client that is running Windows Server 2008 R2.  All that runs on this server is our application that is using Firebird Version 2.5.2. Superserver.

When I look at the Task Manager it shows that there is a total of 2GB of RAM. That the system is typically using 80% of this.

I thought they might need to increase the amount of RAM on the server.  They tell me the server uses Dynamic Memory Allocation.  That the server will use more memory if the application requires it (up to 8GB).

Does Firebird know about Dynamic Memory Allocation?  Do I need to do anything to get Firebird to use more RAM?

Recently we have an issue where all client machines freeze periodically for 20 to 60 seconds.  The application goes white and nobody can operate (usually 15 to 20 connections).  No error message.  After the 'freeze' everyone goes back to working normally until the next freeze.  Some days this happens a couple of times.  Some days it happens several times.

We are not sure what might be causing this freeze.  If anyone has any ideas about this issue, I would appreciate it.

Todd Brasseur