Subject FW: Scale-ability problems (PHP + firebird)
Author Rudi Feijó


We host a php + firebird app for several years now, but as of late we are running into some scalability issues mainly with firebird.

One of our new clients have about 120 users each which makes intensive use of the system and many requests to the database.

The queries/indexes are all performing very well, and we do heavy caching to minimize database accesses.


We are inclined to think the problem is in the connection creation/destruction overhead here.
We do not use persistent connections, and it may not be an ideal solution for us, there are some reports that firebird persistent connections on the PHP api are problematic.


I’ve been searching the web for the best practices and caveats I need to know to implement connection pooling for firebird, but have been coming up empty.

Can someone point me in the right direction here?


Our FB setup is 2.5, super classic.

The configuration is default besides these settings :


DefaultDbCachePages = 512

LockHashSlots = 60589

LockMemSize = 10097152

TempBlockSize = 8388608