Subject Re: [firebird-support] Restore with -FIX_FSS_D a nd -FIX_FSS_D -FIX_FSS_M
Author Mark Rotteveel
No, you should only use these options if you know your database had the problems it fixes. If your database doesn't have these problems, it could corrupt instead of fix.

And you should only apply it once. Repeatedly adopting these options will corrupt if you use non-ASCII characters.


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Onderwerp: [firebird-support] Restore with -FIX_FSS_D and -FIX_FSS_D -FIX_FSS_M
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We have been running a db with FB 2.5.1 (SDO 11.2) and made a backup and want to restore it for FB 2.5.4. Should I use the

Is there any reason why I should not use these options (to be on the safe side?)

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