Subject Importing old FB database
I have an old VM that was developed in 2003 and last used in 2008. I am not able to boot the VM but I am able to get files out of it. I have a database extension .gdb for the data file.

I also have archived installers on the VM, most notably Firebird- which I believe was the version of FB it was running.

I need to get some data out of this GDB. All my dev is now Win7/64.

Before banging my head on the wall trying to open this DB on Win7/64 can someone point me in the best direction please?

Can I simply install the latest Firebird and open the DB? If so, does it have to be from a 32 bit installation? If so can I install FB 32 bit on x64 Windows or do I need to do this from a VM?

Finally - Once I get it open I need to run some queries against it to retrieve some old data. What is a good free tool today to run queries and browse data against a Firebird DB?