Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Bad surprise on performance
Author André Knappstein
Hello Vlad,

It is sure Raid 0 with 3 * 600 GB Toshiba SAS. I only installed the
server today. I did not use the LSI Raid BIOS for configuration but
the "server view" installation kit from the producer. So I will have
to look up stripe size and BBU status.

Next week I will also apply a benchmark test and then write results
here. I will also try on other hardware. I have 2 other new
servers for other uses but so far still idle, so I can play a bit.

I wanted to drop you a message anyway, because if I understood
correctly in Prague you do not have too many different hardware
systems for testing, so maybe if you have a test database and a
prepared benchmark I can run some tests with FB 3.


> Hi, André !

>> [Old]

>> Server 2003 x86 no service packs
>> Xeon with 4 GB RAM
>> Classic 1.5.4 (x86, of course)
>> Raid 0 on 2 * 500 GB SAS (though this is from memory, I should look it up...)
>> [new]
>> Server 2008 R2 x64 SP1
>> Xeon with 8 GB RAM (I will shortly add +8)
>> Classic 2.5.3 x64
>> Raid 0 on 3 * 600 GB SAS
> Raid 0 ? Are you sure ?

>> In comparison to what I read from others, my databases are small.
>> Biggest database is some 1 GB only.

> Agree, it is small database.

>> Bad performance on updates and inserts and extremely bad performance
>> on committing a big number of record changes (~ 150.000 updates).
> It points us to the issues with writes or with random writes. It could be interesting
> to see results of disk IO benchmark (any you like which able to test random writes).
> Also it is good to know some raid settings such as stripe\block size, write cache mode,
> presence of BBU (battery for internal cache).

> Regards,
> Vlad