Subject Re: [firebird-support] Bad surprise on performance
Author André Knappstein
Yes, the old system is running.
It *is* the current production system of our company and it looks like
I'll be glad if it holds on a bit longer :-)

Don't know the Crystal Disk Mark.
Will check this out for sure!
Was trying to get some clue from Process Explorer (the former
SysInternals one). Maybe I am lucky and it is just the Raid


Ihre Nachricht:

>> Thank you for the prompt answer, Sean.
>> But, no, I have read about this specific one.
>> And though I am sure I did not fully understand about it yet, since my
>> biggest database is only 1 GByte I *thought* this would not be a
>> problem for me.

> Do you still have access to old server/hardware.

> If so, I would start by confirming that the problem is not with
> hardware, by running disk benchmark like Crystal Disk Mark (my
> personal fav, nice and simple), MS SQLIO or IOMeter.

> Once you have eliminated hardware, then you can move on to OS
> configuration/settings then Firebird config.

> Sean

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