Subject RE: R: [firebird-support] How to improve Firebird 2.5.3 Disk I/O on Windows server 2012 R2
Author Leyne, Sean

> Number of guaranteed writes is much lower on SSD.

**Not true** for all SSD/flash based devices.

Certainly true for low end/consumer Flash/SATA devices.

> when FB tries to write some write operations will fail and database will be corrupted.

Again, not true, as a broad statement.

**Enterprise SSD devices** with power lost protection, are designed to provide reliability beyond anything which almost any application can throw at it. ( (protection is key, most SSDs have on-board flash RAM disk write buffer -- without they can lose writes == database corruption).

Drives like the Intel DC S3700 series provide 75,000 read and 36,000 write 4K IOPS, and have endurance for 10 *full disk* writes every day for 5 years. So, for a 200GB drive, you would need to *write* 1TB every day for 5 years, before endurance became an issue.

Further, unlike consumer devices, enterprise SSDs have controllers which are designed to provide consistent responsiveness, they sacrifice raw/benchmark performance for consistency, since that it what enterprise applications need.